Art Class for Teens

I am in the midst of teaching a 4 week art class locally to a group of teens.  They are so much fun. Love seeing their progression!

Here are some photos of the demo board from last night’s class. (Charcoal and white chalk pastel.)





Would you like to join my upcoming online art class?  “Sketchworks” begins Nov  4th, 2014 at Jeanne Oliver’s creative network here.


Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to:

lidijamik on  said:

I love the drawings you made. They are just fabulous. I did share your link on my Facebook and on Twitter…
I wish I could draw like that.

You have won the giveaway! A spot in my new online class, “Sketchworks!”  I will be contacting you via email with the details.

Giveaway Time!

As you know, I’m gearing up to teach a new online class at Jeanne Oliver’s creative network beginning Nov 4th. “Sketchworks – Drawing with Confidence.” I would love to do a giveaway for a spot in the class!



The course will begin on November 4th and the early registration price is $39.

To register please click HERE.

or read more information about this class here.

Giveaway Info:

For  chance to win a spot in this class, please share about this class in a blog post, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social media.  For each share, you get another chance to win. To be entered in the giveaway draw, please comment to this post each time you share and let me know where you shared it!

Hashtag: #sketchworksart

Note – If you have already purchased a place in the class and you win, you will be reimbursed.


A New Online Art Class – “Sketchworks”

I am so excited to finally tell you about my new online class. This class is being hosted at Jeanne Oliver’s Ning site.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach a class on Jeanne’s amazing network!  This two week online course all about drawing will begin on November 4thPlease read below for more details:


He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.

- Leonardo da Vinci

Join me, artist Angie Redhead,  on a two week adventure in drawing.

The old masters were skilled draftsmen. Having a good understanding of logical art allowed them to deviate from the rules in their own way and create masterpieces. In this two week online class, we will show you the drawing tools needed to improve and confidently take your art to the next level.

During the first week, we will take you through perspective, the parts of a landscape and how perspective relates to portraiture. We will also cover the various methods of shading, finding the light source and illustrating highlights.

For week two, we will take an in depth look at the anatomy of the head, it’s proportions, bone structure, muscles and facial planes in order to understand where shadows and features should fall in a portrait.

The course will begin on November 4th and the early registration price is $39.

To read more and to see the weekly outline please click HERE.

See you in class!

Here is the direct link to the class: Sketchworks – Drawing with Confidence

For people that are not already in the site here are directions:

To take a class on Jeanne Oliver’s creative network please follow these instructions:

1. Become a member of (this is free)

2. Once your membership is approved you can watch free art videos, the popular free interview series Creativity Takes Courage and even pay for more in depth courses.

3. Want to take an online course?  We currently offering 30 courses and free videos and you can find them all along the left hand side of the main page under “Courses”.  If you do not see the course you are looking for please click the “View all” at the bottom of the list.  

4. Click on the course you are interested in, click the +join in the upper right hand corner, pay and you will be instantly in the course.

5. If you have ANY questions please email